I know that there is no text or email worthy of taking my eyes off the road while driving, especially now that I’m carrying precious cargo in the back seat. But the urge is strong, oh so strong, to see what message has just popped up, and I’m such a good driver, there’s hardly any traffic, I’ll just grab my phone and take a quick peak, only for a second…

Not cool, right? And now, totally unnecessary with a new free app on the scene.

DriveSafe.ly reads your phone’s texts and emails out loud and you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel once. You can even preset your own auto text response like Am driving, call l8r.

It’s currently available only for Blackberry and Android phones, but expect iPhone and Windows Mobile versions soon.

I think DriveSafe.ly isn’t just about preventing distracted driving; I think it’s perfect for new moms who are busy nursing or find themselves trapped on the couch with a sleeping baby in their arms. Because no matter how much I wanted to see who was emailing me, there is no way I’d have budged an inch to pick up the phone once I finally got the baby down.

Download DriveSafe.ly for free at DriveSafe.ly.com. If you want more options—like the ability to read longer messages— upgrade to DriveSafe.ly Pro.

And to learn more about the campaign against Distracted Driving, check out the Mom Sends the MSG campaign from our friends at TheMotherhood.com where you can sign a pledge, grab a badge for your blog or website, or download a free car window sign. Edited to Add: This campaign is no longer active

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