Hey Apple Store, I’ve got a bone to pick with you. I was browsing through your laptop cases at your 14th Street store and let’s just say I, and the two other women staring blankly at the unimpressive display, left empty-handed. If you wouldn’t mind stocking a few that look like I’m not borrowing my husband’s case I’d be much obliged.

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Until then, I’ve got my eye firmly planted on this women’s laptop/netbook purse from Sumo. Yes, laptop purse.

I love the curvy silhouette–because who says laptop cases have to be rectangular, yo?–and the quilted faux leather at top which makes this
satchel look more like something from Marc Jacobs than from Dell. It’s smartly designed with pockets galore, and one of the few things that betrays the computer inside is the sneaky headphone hole on the front. Nice touch.

If you’ve got a 13″ apple MacBook, or a 15.4″ Netbook or smaller, you’re in luck. You’ve got your choice of red or black with a subtle pink topstitching, but I say red all the way. Match it with your lipstick and your Bugaboo, and be the chic-est mom at playgroup.