With terms like¬†workcation¬†trending lately, it’s becoming increasingly¬†obvious that modern parents mix work and play and family¬†pretty seamlessly. Or, try to. In fact, Liz and Kristen were just talking on a recent episode of their¬†Spawned podcast about how¬†their smartphones allow¬†them take their kids to the park more¬†(seriously, listen to it) instead of being tethered to a computer during the day.

As we adapt to more mobile, tech-integrated lives, more¬†of our readers write us¬†asking for¬†great-looking cases and accessories to protect their devices and now we’ve got one more for you.

We see a whole lot of bags, and honestly, most of them don’t meet our standards. However the Urbana Mini Moshi Laptop bag¬†is both stylish and highly functional. It’s not too big, not too small — the Goldilocks of laptop bags — making it¬†so easy to carry with you when you’re out with the kids.

A waterproof exterior keeps your electronics safe if you get caught in rain or snow, and three zippered compartments inside fit a phone as big as an iPhone 6+,¬†as well as¬†a tablet, iPad,¬†or 12-inch computer. Not that I’d want to lug around all of them at once. There’s also room for the¬†other stuff you need, from a wallet and lipstick to those Skylander figurines that¬†keep the kids busy at the coffee shop.

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We love the Urbana Mini Moshi laptop bag for 12-inch laptops or tablets

Moshi laptop bags: The Urbana Mini can fit phone, laptop, and other essentials.


Moshi laptop bags are so stylish, and we love the new Urbana Mini with removable crossbody straps

I really like that this Moshi laptop bag¬†looks just like a regular handbag and not something you borrowed from the IT department. Plus the¬†cross body strap is removable, so you can carry it hands-free when your kids are with you¬†or you don’t have a whole laptop weighing it down when you’re out and about.

I do hear that still happens once in a while these days.

You can find the Urbana Mini Moshi Laptop bag at the Moshi website. If you have a full-size laptop, you can size up to Moshi’s¬†Urbana briefcase and get the same style on a bigger scale. Thanks to the company for sending CMT a bag¬†for review.

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