Going over the river and through the woods to get to your warm and cozy Thanksgiving destination isn’t nearly so fun when the traffic is backed up as far as the eye can see, the kids are hungry and you forgot to stop at the last rest area. I can’t make the traffic move faster, but I can give you some great new MP3s to download now, to help you get road-ready. Because good music–especially the kind the whole family can get into–makes even those bumper-to-bumper moments a little less painful.

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This week we revealed  Cool Mom Picks’ Top 10 Kids CDs of 2010, a list we submitted to the annual Fids and Kamily Music Poll whose results came out last weekend. And though I really do love every CD I’ve reviewed this past year (and there have been a lot), these ten are extra-special awesome and deserving of a listen:

Justin Roberts: Jungle Gym

The Okee Dokee Brothers: Take It Outside

Recess Monkey: The Final Funktier

Sugar Free Allstars: Funky Fresh and Sugar Free

Elizabeth Mitchell: Sunny Day

Various Artists: Many Hands-Family Music for Haiti

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo: Underground Playground

Charity and the Jamband: Party Like a Twinkle Star

The Not-Its!: Time Out To Rock!

Dean Jones: Rock Paper Scissors

Cool Mom Picks is a reward style affiliate. Download the first nine CD’s above at Amazon. Visit CD Baby for Dean Jones’ Rock Paper Scissors. Check out the Cool Mom Picks archives for more great kids’ music.

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