Smartphone gloves - use touch screens in the coldIt’s freezing outside, and you want to use your Smartphone to tweet about how incredibly freezing it is outside, but to do that you’d need to remove your warm gloves. Drat. If only there were a way to keep your hands warm and use a touch screen device.

Ta da!!

Check out Agloves, gloves that allow you to do just that.

didn’t pay much attention in science class, but apparently silver is a
fabulous conductor and these knit gloves have it woven all through them.
But, since the silver threads are coated in nylon, the gloves are soft and fuzzy, not
scratchy. They’re unisex and stretch to fit nearly any size hand.

I had no problem navigating around my iPad, I could easily type on my
phone screen and I found them to be warm enough for running around doing
errands, but these are definitely not the have-a-snowball-fight with your kids gloves.

Even though they are knit with conductive material they won’t
damage or scratch your touch screens. And Agloves are even washable–in fact
washing them makes them even more effective. Again, it’s some scientific
explanation, all I know is that I believe them. Priced at just $17.99,  you should grab a few pairs. If you’re anything like me you’ll lose at
least one set within a week. –Betsy

Order your touch screen gloves at

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