Tech Support Care Package by Google In addition to being a mom, wife, career woman, sister, daughter, and more lately, I’ve found myself serving as tech support for the litany of tech-related questions my parents have been asking me. Of all the mini projects I’ve helped them out with, I think setting up the webcam and instant message account took the cake at a record two hours.

Since two free hours is not something I have on a regular basis, and probably not something I’d particularly like to spend as an IT consultant (sorry, mom and dad), I came across a fantastic idea that I’ll have to pass along to anyone else who has less-than-tech-savvy parents.

Teach Parents Tech is the brain child of the folks over at Google, and is a way to easily teach anyone how to become more familiar with their computers. There is a whole range of free “care packages” you can send them, including “Basics” (making text bigger or smaller or copying and pasting) to more advanced options like checking email on your phone or sharing videos.

These packages come with video tutorials that simplify the process and take users step-by-step. And there’s no need to single out baby boomers. I have plenty of Gen X friends who still have flip-up cell phones and don’t have Facebook accounts.

Hmm, perhaps I should add these care packages to my
Christmas shopping list. -Jeana 

[Via Shelterrific]