We’re all for greening up our homes and lives wherever we can, and sometimes that comes from the manufacturers, who give us better options in the first place.

We read this week that General Electric plans to introduce the first HFC-free refrigerator for US households by June 2011. This GE Monogram model would eliminate HFC (aka “the global warming refrigerant”) by using a hydrocarbon refrigerant that makes environmentalists happy, and saves you money. It would also switch to energy-efficient LED lighting, all of which sounds pretty great to me.

What doesn’t sound great however is the price tag: Between $6,000 and $6,500.

For that, it better be as awesome (and beautiful) as a Sub Zero. But at least it’s a start. Maybe if all goes well for GE, the technology will become more affordable with each generation. Especially with one of those handy energy efficiency rebates to help take the heat off the price. –Beth

Would you spend the extra money on a HFC-free refrigerator with the hopes of making it back in energy savings? Or would you wait until the price came down?

[h/t Diane Maceachern]

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