We have all been riveted by the aftermath of the Japan earthquake and tsunami, and struggled with how to discuss it with our children. And yet, from the greatest of adversity, also comes the promise of hope. And there is nothing more touching than when that hope is inspired for kids, by kids.

I recently discovered a new website called Cranes For Kids created by the two dads behind the Kneebouncers preschool computer games. It’s based on an ancient Japanese legend about how folding 1,000 cranes will heal from illness or injury, and enables kids to share their messages of hope.

The site is simple: Pick a color for your crane and then enter your own message to the kids of Japan. Then flip through the different pages of the site and click on any crane to read the touching messages that little kids have left. Kevin, 8, writes, “I hope you are OK with your family, I wish I could see you and hug you,” and Jack, 6, says, “I hope you are safe. I will say prayers for you all tonight.”

Heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. –Jeana 

Visit Cranes For Kids so your child can feel empowered to support Japan. And for more ways to provide support, check out our recent post on Cool Mom Picks on beautiful items that donate proceeds to the Japan relief effort.

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