Today is officially International Women’s Day which–well, we can’t think of a more favorite International Day. Considering Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom tech are businesses run by women, primarily to support other women, this is definitely one holiday we can get behind. Especially when you get a load of this year’s theme: Equal access to education, training, science and technology.


We thought we’d do our part today by giving a big whoo-hoo to just a few of our favorite tech writers and tech blogs run by those our fellow XX chromosome sisters.

The Social by Caroline McCarthy
Geek Mom
Digital Woman
Little Tech Girl
Geek Sugar
Moms with Apps
Virgina DeBolt on BlogHer
Liz Henry on BlogHer
Grace Duffy on Sheposts
Webgrrls blog
Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing
…and of course, our very own Beth Blecherman of Techmamas

Is this a complete list? Oh lordy no. Just a few that we find ourselves clicking over to more often than others. And for good reason.

If you have some favorites, feel free to leave a shout-out in the comments. There’s more than enough bandwidth to go around for every woman who wants a voice on the web. How great is that? –Liz + Kristen

Find more about 2011 International Women’s Day on the official website or visit the UN Women site.

[photo:reuters/gopal chitraker]

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