There are a lot of smartphone apps out there that let you edit your photos, add cool borders and special effects, but if you don’t have a snazzy phone that works with apps, well, you may feel a little left out. And we hate when our readers feel left out!

So I found a very cool photo application that works right on your PC or Mac desktop.

Lo-Fi is a downloadable software program that lets you upload any photo and instantly make it fancy without having to take a 3-week Photoshop course. There is a wide variety of effects to choose from, so you can make it look grainy, add blur, or embellish with cool frames, borders and coloring. Then, upload your edited photo automatically to Facebook or Flickr.

What’s I really like is that the application itself looks like the back of a digital camera, which is so more visually appealing and fun than a typical photo editing screen.

The app is $29 though, which is steep for effects you can get for free from similar photo enhancement functionality sites like Photobucket or Picnik. But if you’re time-crunched (aren’t we all?) or if you prefer something that’s app based and works even when you’re not online, this one is completely laid out and super easy-to-use. If you’re not sure about making the investment, you can take advantage of the app’s free trial offer for seven days.

See, who needs those fancy phone apps? Well, we do. But until then, Lo-Fi is a whole lot of fun. – Jeana

Lo-Fi is available through the website
as a software download for $29. It works on Mac OSX 10.5 and Windows XP or later operating systems

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