There’s nothing more frustrating than checking out airline fares in the morning, then re-checking in the afternoon and seeing that the cost per ticket has gone up $50. Highway robbery! Doing a desperate search on all the major travel sites to find the original rate is futile since airline prices can turn on a dime and never return to the ghost fare you first saw.

But now, a cool feature on Bing travel makes the process a little less fickle.

Bing’s Know When to Buy technology combines different technologies to make the airline search process a bit more intuitive. In addition to searching hundreds of travel and airline sites for the best deal (many sites already do that), Bing’s ultra cool “Price Predictor” technology tells you whether fares are rising or falling, and advises on whether you should buy now or wait.

Bing Price Predictor

Bing claims that they’re about 75 percent accurate and using it will save customers more than $50 on a typical round-trip transaction. It also offers a similar feature for hotel prices, showing how the current rates compare to past ones.

Having a little bit of insight into the complexity of travel pricing can make you feel like you have insider knowledge when it comes to booking online–and you may be able to get that $50 back after all. –Jeana