For those of you who want a little more high-tech gardening in your life (and really, who doesn’t?), we’ve been has been a fan of the AeroGarden for years. It’s a boon for those of us apartment dwellers with no outdoor space of our own, sniff, but who want fresh basil on our pasta without having to make Whole Foods runs every four minutes.

The system is pretty much foolproof, provided you heed the light, water and nutrient reminders; you just plant these little pre-seeded pods into the slots and you’re done. You can do herbs like we always have, flowers, or some easy-ish veggies like cherry tomatoes but then I’d imagine you’ll need to repot them and actually garden.

The new silver AeroGarden is a nice alternative to the black, and a little less intrusive looking–the thing is pretty big and the first time my sigOth brought it home I was like, you bought a what? But the kids think it’s neat, and I love that it helps them learn that things like chives and oregano come from soil. Not supermarkets. –Liz

[h/t my life scoop]