If you were one of the lucky ones to snag an iPad 2 before it disappeared from all inventory sources around the globe, congratulations! Hopefully you’re protecting your investment with a nice cover. You may have opted for the nifty magnetic Apple Smart Cover, although we’re hearing from readers that not everyone’s a fan.

Here are a few other options for iPad2 cases that are as nifty as what’s underneath.

snapSHIELD p2 
If you prefer to let the iPad 2 revel in all its glory and just want a no frills cover for the back, check out snapSHIELD’s p2 case. I like the variety of bright colors. The snap-on case is made from a shatterproof polycarbonate, and it comes with a screen protector and cleaning cloth. ($29.99, back in stock soon.)

This natural leather and 100% bamboo iPad case is simply beautiful. The leather “smart” cover works in the same way as Apple’s to create a stand-out case for your tablet. You can have the leather engraved with a design chosen from Grove’s website, or design your own. ($79 and up, preorder now for $20.)

ZAGGmate with keyboard
If you’re a road warrior, or have big fingers like me and curse every time you hit the wrong buttons on the iPad keyboard, you may be best off with a Bluetooth keyboard accessory. In the case of this ZAGGmate, you can kill two birds with one stone and have a keyboard and sleek aluminum hard case in one. ($99.99, preorder now.)

boxwave designio

Boxwave Designio
There are Apple purists who want to keep their iPads completely unfettered from bulky cases and covers. Sound familiar? If so, this Boxwave synthetic leather pouch is a nice-looking accessory for keeping your iPad safe when you’re traveling. Rather than keeping it inhibited at all times, you can simply remove it from the pouch to revel in the glory of its aesthetic. ($32.95)

angry birds ipad 2 case

Gear4 Angry Birds 
I couldn’t resist. This hilarious iPad 2 case doesn’t offer a stand, a screen protector or anything else but the glory and design of the beloved Angry Birds. If you’re truly obsessed with the game (as many of us are), this is a fun option for declaring your love for those damn birds. ($49.99, shipping soon). -Jeana