There’s nothing that irks me more than seeing someone driving on the highway fumbling around with their phone trying to send a text message or look something up. It’s more than irking though, it’s dangerous. Hey, I’ve got kids in the car!

Yes, I understand, sometimes you have a very important email that you need to read or need to make a call that will change the world. In which case I urge you to get a Bluetooth-enabled device like the ingenious Motorola Roadster.

The Roadster automatically syncs to your phone and immediately relieves you of the burden of even touching your phone while you’re driving. How great is that?

All you have to do is turn your phone’s Bluetooth setting on and it automatically “finds” the Roadster. Then, simply clip the device onto your visor and you are ready to go hands-free. If your phone rings, the device announces who the call is coming from and you can respond verbally by saying, “Answer” or “Ignore.”The Roadster also streams the music library from your phone, reads text messages aloud and lets you dictate texts back to it if you’re a Blackberry or Android user, and you’ve downloaded a MotoSpeak app. Kind of like your own personal secretary.

The sound quality and clarity is incredible, which is not surprising since it comes from Motorola. It’s unobtrusive, small and sleek looking to boot. This device is very, verrrry smart. Unlike the texting-while-driving guy I passed this morning on I-95. -Jeana  

The Motorola Roadster Motorola Roadster can be purchased directly from Motorola for $99.99, or from Amazon for a more affordable $63.17.