If you have a thing for Japanese design (and really, doesn’t everyone these days?) I think I have found Mecca. Or Mecca East. This shop not only carries everything and anything  in doodads, gadgets, and awesome little need-to-haves, you can sort not only by price, but by color. Which is so very Tokyo, isn’t it?

Gizmine is the kind of online shop where you laugh at every item before you realize, wait…that’s cool. I mean, what tween does not absolutely need a pair of soft, fuzzy, portable audio speakers shaped like animals? And who could say no to brightly colored square headphones to set yourself apart from all those lame, round-headphone wearing lemmings on the plane?

aromatherapy humidifier

Click around and you’ll be sure to find the next Father’s Day Gift, graduation gift, or stocking stuffer for the person on your life who has seen it all.

Personally, I think I need the $179 aromatherapy humidifier that looks like a DWR-designed Chinese lantern. Of course. –Liz

[h/t unplgged]

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