I am soooo going to love Listgeeks, a new social site in beta, that lets you read, write, collect, and compare nothing more than user-generated lists.

Here’s why:

1. I love lists.

2. I love time-sucking websites.

3. I’m still bitter that McSweeney’s rejected my one and only list submission and this gives them a little competition.

4. No really, my list was super funny.

5. There’s a whole list called Best Muppet Show guest stars, although Dom Deluise needs to be on it.

6. If you don’t agree with a list you can edit it yourself.

7. I dig the irony of the list called Things Hipsters Have Ruined, written by someone probably not old enough to remember any of these things before they were “ruined” by hipsters. And get off my lawn, you kids.

8. They don’t allow lists to be printed in yellow because white type on yellow is hard to read and I truly appreciate that kind of thoughtfulness.

9. The staff picks are nicely curated.

10. Tina of Swiss Miss recommended it.


Make your own fun, silly, or serious lists on Listgeeks

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