As a former professional photographer, I’ve gone from toting around a huge SLR camera with expensive lenses and cool gizmos to now primarily taking photos with my itty bitty iPhone.

The quality of the iPhone 4 camera is obviously not professional quality, but as a busy working mom, the ease of taking photos on my phone and being able to quickly send them out via email and share them on social networks is why my fancy Canon is sitting in a closet right now.

It’s so easy to take and upload photos now that you usually see everyone’s event photos on Facebook within minutes of an event ending. The one problem though, is that if you have a bunch of people who went to the same birthday party, you have many different sets of photos, some of which probably have really cute shots of your kids that you weren’t able to get.

Rather than trying to manage separate emails with disparate photos or look at various Facebook photo albums, a cool app called LiveShare lets everyone pool their photos together and have one single stream for everyone to enjoy. You simply download the free app to your iOS, Android or Windows 7 device, register for an account and you can begin immediately begin adding contacts from your Facebook account and setting up a private group viewing of photos.

The best part is that your invited friends can add their photos to the stream too and the pictures can be viewed through the app or online at My Canon can’t do that. -Jeana

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