Chasing after four kids means that pretty much all my pictures are taken with my iPhone 4 camera. Not such a bad thing if you’ve seen some of the shots it can take, though I somehow still feel guilty when I see moms whipping out their fancy SLRs. But since discovering an amazing new camera app, I don’t feel bad about using my smart phone camera one bit.

The Camera + app completely changed my picture-taking world. Open it and you’ll instantly notice cool options that you don’t have with your iPhone camera; like a zoom feature and settings including a stabilizer, a timer, and burst, which lets you take photos in rapid succession as fast as your finger can click. So smart for parents trying to snap pictures of children!

Lightbox on Camera + app

Once you get the photo of your perfect child doing something spectacular, just click on it to open LightBox (right), which allows you to edit your photos on the spot. Add clarity, a flash, or other improvements to your photos with one quick click, then crop them or add borders. You can then finish your snaps off with a slew of cool effects, some of which are included, and others which require an in-app purchase, but I find completely worth it.

When you’re done, copy or save your photos to your camera roll, or share them instantly.

All this for $1.99. Between that and the quality of the photos, you can see why I proudly hold up my iPhone 4 to take pics of the family now. -Kristen

Purchase the Camera + app by Tap Tap Tap at which is just $.99 today only!