I have a thing for geek fashion. Ever since I bought my first Twitter necklace. (It says #fail. Heh.) So while I am not a big fan of actual emoticons, I do sort of love seeing them on these rings.

The sterling emoticon ring is so subtle that it might take a moment for anyone else to realize what those three marks are around your finger. More obvious (but also kind of fun) in the “Signs” collection are a question mark, exclamation point, and the two raised eyebrows. ^^

The pieces are made in Lahti for Finnish company Chao and Eero. They don’t sell them in the US yet–but man, they should. Because really, I would much prefer seeing a 🙂 on my fingers every day, than on every single update in my Facebook stream. –Liz

Find the emoticon ring and more from Chao and Eero Jewel. For pricing or orders, email hello@chaoero.com

[via fashionably geek]