Since first seeing the BONE portable iPhone amplifier, I am totally coveting one. Not only does it look terrific in all those pretty colors, but it makes perfect sense for those of us who know how pathetic it is having the kids shouting into the terrible iPhone speakers for a group hello with the grandparents.

I haven’t tried it out myself yet, but it gets decent reviews, in part because it functions as a stand too–smart if you use your iPhone for streaming media. You just slide it on your iPhone 4 and it amps up the volume, old skool phonograph style. No batteries required. And at just under $25 it’s not a huge investment.

Personally, I think I demonstrated remarkable restraint in making bone jokes here. You’re welcome. –Liz

Get the BONE portable iPhone amplifier for the iPhone 4 only, online at Cyberguys or from our affiliate Amazon.

[via unplggd]

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