When you’re traveling to a new location, there are obviously lots of websites that gather recommendations from the public.

But you do kind of have to take it all with a grain of salt, when you don’t actually know who is insisting that Mama Spaghetti’s is the BEST Italian food ever.

(Or worse, insisting that Olive Garden is the BEST Italian food ever.)

Now there’s a new social travel site that could change all that.

Gogobot is like FourSquare meets Yelp, giving you personalized recommendations from people in your own social networks and beyond. It links with your Facebook and Twitter accounts and you can immediately find fellow Gogobot-ers and see what their travel experiences have been. You can also pose questions to the community, like “What’s the best kid-friendly hotel in Chicago?” or “Is there a golf course in San Diego where I could get a last minute tee time?” and find responses from your network, or anyone else in the community who chooses to answer.

Gogobot recently integrated with Facebook Places and Foursquare which means that you can see where your friends have recently traveled and hit them up for advice, as well as keep a digital travelogue of your own favorite places and spaces.  Planning travel is always fun. Now, it’s easier too. -Jeana

Let your social network help you plan your next trip using Gogobot.

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