Q: Aw man…where is the Hipstamatic for us Android users? -Cool Mom Tech fan via Facebook.

A: Lots of readers agreed with Debi Mazar’s Hipstamatic app recommendation on our site last week, but our Android users are again asking, “where’s my app?” And we’re here to help!

Unfortunately, there’s no Hipstamatic version for Android phones yet, but in the meantime, the following two apps that are great alternatives and very popular among Android users:

FxCamera is a free android app offering many similar photo editing and filter features to Hipstamatic. It offers the basic photo options like sepia and black and white, but also offers fun filters like Polandroid (seen above) which makes your photos look like the retro Polaroid instant camera shots, Andy Warholizer and Fisheye.

Another option is the Vignette photo app which is chock full of options, including 68 effects and 56 frames. And that’s just for the free version. There’s a paid version that offers even more, but we think the free app should keep you busy for a while. There’s so many effects to choose from including retro, vintage, Polaroid, photo booth, double exposure and tons more. Happy snapping! -Jeana

Both apps are available at the Android Marketplace or at Amazon’s Appstore for Android.

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