For a lot of moms, the iPad really is a digital cookbook. It makes perfect sense; with so many awesome cookbook apps and recipe apps, not to mention online recipe help and online meal planners, your iPad can be your lifesaver in the kitchen.

So how smart that now there’s a case made to double as a wall mount, so you can hang your treasured iPad up above the sticky fingers and confectioner sugar disasters.

The Wallee iPad case is basically a protective hard case, but with a dandy X slot on the back that connects to an X-shaped wall mount disc. Just mount that disc, snap it together, and you can hang your iPad safely above the cooking fray.

The cases themselves are pretty, in white, black, pale blue, and a bold orange, so there’s got to be one that coordinates with your kitchen. My vote–making the next generation in brushed aluminum or stainless steel. Sweet, right? –Liz

Find the Wallee iPad wall mount case for iPad and iPad 2, online from Wallee. The wall mount disc
is sold separately.

[h/t geek sugar]

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