I used to love sending out handwritten notes on my pretty Jeana stationery when I was a kid. I always thought I was so special to have my own crisp white monogrammed paper with a pink polka-dot border. I was special.

While handwritten notes have been bumped down the totem pole by email, there’s no reason why your correspondence still can’t be fancy. I recently came across an email stationery company that brings back all the warm fuzzies. Yes, email stationery.

MeebleMail is a very cool company that lets you customize your email account with beautiful designer patterns from artists like Trina Turk, Kara Ross, and Lela Rose. (So yes, it’s decidedly more female-oriented.) Whether you use Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail–Outlook is coming soon–you can beautify your messages with monogrammed digital stationery, cute patterns, designs and motifs.

All you do is go to the site and pick out the pattern that you like. You can then customize in many different ways and have the option to add your monogram, address, designs, alter colors and more. Once you’ve perfected your stationery, you just add a MeebleMail client to your email toolbar and then can select your pattern any time you want to send out prettier emails.

I downloaded a couple different patterns and love that you can choose your stationery pattern based on what the content of your message is.

One day we’ll look back and remember the days when emails were just type on white, huh. -Jeana

Individual stationery patterns from MeebleMail start at $4.99 for download and use for one year. But, through the month of May, MeebleMail is offering all patterns for free. Enjoy!