I didn’t know until recently that Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree is wrought with controversy. But me? Maybe I’m not quite cynical enough because I love it. I have always appreciated the notion that there’s something to be said for finding happiness in what you give, not what you get. Even if that boy was kind of jerky in his middle-age years.

I think the Giving Tree MacBook decal is pretty darn cool too. This removable vinyl decal has fun with the apple logo on the top of your MacBook or iPad, and can be custom made to fit whatever size you’ve got. Clearly  the Fancy Decals Etsy shop is giving too. –Liz

Find the Giving Tree MacBook decal online at Etsy – the sellers seem to change their names every four seconds, surely because of copyright issues so just search it. Or better yet, would someone license a legal one? Please?

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