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Since my tablet has become a regular fixture in my everyday routine, I’ve found that life (and my handbag!) is sooo much simpler, streamlined and better organized.  Let’s just say that the more you use your tablet, you’ll find it becomes less of a luxury and more of a parenting essential.

The tablet has replaced so many former necessary items and gadgets that I never could have imagined parting with–something I appreciate even more, now that I have four kids in tow.

Here, 6 former necessities you’ll find that hey! You can live without after all.

1. Newspaper/Magazines

I’ve pretty much given up all my subscriptions, preferring to access all my favorite newspapers and magazines right from my tablet. Digital subscriptions not only eliminates a ton of paper, but allow me to access them all in one place. If I’m stuck in the carpool lane? I just whip out my tablet and catch up on news, drool over style, or read my favorite columnists. (Or bloggers!)

2. Gaming Devices

I now load up my tablet with tons of games for me and my kids, most of which utilize the movement technology which requires me to touch, tilt, and turn the tablet to play. Whether it’s my toddler learning letters and numbers, or my older kids wanting to annihilate some green pigs, we never lack for entertainment options when we need them.

3. DVD Player

As every tablet-loving parent knows, it’s the perfect size for streaming movies and television shows. No need for me to pack my DVD player for long road trips or summer travel anymore. I simply load up my tablet with their favorite movies and we hear “Are we there yet?” way less often. Just make sure to remember the earphones. Seriously.

4. Digital Camera

While tablet cameras don’t produce the same quality photos as a point and shoot or a SLR, in a pinch, they work well to capture moments that I might miss if I haven’t bothered to pack my serious camera.

5. Books (or e-reader)

Using a tablet as an e-reader has certainly lightened my load–from my own summer reads to bedtime stories for my kids. (Do you know how heavy those Harry Potter books are?) It’s easy to purchase or borrow books on a tablet and then read them at my leisure–plus I never lose my place and have to reread an entire section.

6. Day planner
While I still like having a paper day planner at home, can’t remember the last time I carried one around in my bag. My tablet calendar pings me with reminders about all my upcoming appointments and commitments, plus I can share to-do lists with my husband, who seems to respond much better to email lists than the ones scribbled on a piece of scrap paper.

Cookbook? Maps? MP3 player? What has your tablet helped you replace?

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