I’m so lucky that my mother-in-law is a chef. She loves cooking so much that I don’t feel bad having her cook for us whenever she comes over.

She has these binders of hand-written recipes she’s developed over the years and recently asked me for her help in transcribing them all into Word. Aside from not being able to read her writing at all, this is going to be one of those ongoing projects that stays ongoing. (You should see these binders.)

But my one saving grace could be this new service that digitizes hand-written recipes.

BigOven¬†is¬†perfect–all you have to do is take a photo of the hard copy recipe and send it to¬†RecipeScan,¬†and an actual human being will transcribe it for you. They send it back in digital form within 2-5 days and voila! Your recipe has been digitized. It gets added to your BigOven recipe library and can be searched online or via the free mobile app at any time.

Each transcribed recipe does cost one BigOven credit, or $0.99, or you can buy credit packages that start at $9.99 for 12. It would be nice if the RecipeScan service didn’t require the BigOven registration process, but then again, it seems like a small step if time is at a premium for you and you’d rather pay to get some help in storing 100 recipes (only $59.99).

I get it; I mean, you should really see these binders. -Jeana

Convert your recipes to digital recipes at BigOven. For a limited time, users who upgrade to the optional BigOven Pro membership (currently $15.99/year) receive 25 free RecipeScan credits as a sign-up bonus.

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