I barely carry cash around with me any more, relying solely on my soon to be dubbed George Costanza wallet of credit and debit cards to do the work for me. But it looks as though even those will be obsolete, thanks to a the next release from Google that might just change the way we shop forever.

Enter Google Wallet, a service for NFC-capable Android phones that will allow you to make purchases using your Citibank Mastercard, a prepaid Google card, or select store gift cards. All you do is tap your phone on a special Paypass reader that you’ll be able to find at hundreds of thousands of locations. No doubt Steve Jobs is bummed about this one.

Even though this service hasn’t yet launched, you can already search for stores in your area with this capability on the Google Wallet website. My only question: What will they think of next? Hopefully something to get my kids to sleep through the night. -Kristen

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