When I started to work at home this year, my husband was ready to outfit my car with a full Bluetooth system to put the kibosh on distracted driving. He wanted some way for me to be able to talk in our hands-free state. I wanted my hands-free phone solution to be easy. And not rip up my dashboard.

After some searching, I came across a terrific product from Jabra, makers of the amazing Jabra Stone headset.

The Jabra Freeway is a small pod that you clip to your visor, much like the garage door opener. It’s essentially a speakerphone 2.0 that’s simple to set up and simple to use.

A selection of voice commands are built in, to help you use your phone entirely hands-free. With my iPhone, I tell the Freeway to access Phone Commands, I then use the iPhone voice control to Call Bryan mobile. Or Play artist Stevie Wonder.

Yes, this thing plays music too.

In fact, it has three speakers with some seriously amazing audio quality. Somehow it sounds better when you are right under it–my husband noticed a definite difference from the passenger seat. So it probably is more for the driver than for the entire car.

Jabra Freeway also comes with a year’s subscription to Voice Assist, a service that allows you to call in and listen to emails, as well as to text and tweet. (Ed: Although we’re not big fans of texting and tweeting from the car, no matter how hands-free it is.) I have found this service to be less user-friendly, but perhaps I just haven’t learned all the commands yet.

As for the basic functions of calling contacts and answering calls? The native features of the Jabra Freeway are perfect. So perfect, that we purchased a second one for my husband. -Aimee

Find the the Jabra Freeway Speakerphone online from our affiliate Amazon. Just in time for your big July 4 travel!