If you’re an Instagram devotee, you’re going to love a super fun new API that turns your (and your friends’) Instagram feeds into probably the coolest screensaver you’ve ever had.

By downloading the Screenstagram file onto your Mac OS (Snow Leopard and up), you can get instant access to the Instagram public feed, or you can log in to personalize it with your own Instagram photo feed.

Right now, the service only works with Macs, but I’m hoping that demand will nudge the developers to create one for PCs as well. And although I have a Mac, my 10-year-old Power G4 is too ancient to have such a hip screensaver on it. But for those of you with newer Macs, you’ll have a screensaver others will be envious of. Isn’t it about time to finally replace those water droplets anyway? -Jeana

Get the Instagram screensaver, Screenstagram, from The Barbarian Group.