It’s not often that you’re floored by Fluorine–unless you’re into corrosive gas. (Which does sound a little like my dad… heh.) But if your dad loves the periodic table, this gift might just be element-ary.

Geek dads will firmly approve of the Periodic Table Element Pillow. Handmade of cotton and recycled felt, it’s a great way to show dad you love him through the magic of chemistry. Fluorine, Astatine, Hydrogen, and Erbium combine for a comfortable cushion–just don’t combine them in real life, because no one needs that sort of mess.

All the science dad in your life needs now is a Back off, man, I’m a scientist shirt, and he’s good to go. –Delilah

Find the Periodic Table Element Pillow for Father in the Yellow Bug Boutique store on Etsy.