If you’re especially proud of all the hard work and time you’ve put into Facebook–writing funny comments on people’s walls, creating clever status updates and choosing only the cutest photos of your kids for your photo albums–you’ll love a new Facebook app by Intel called The Museum of Me.

It culls all the information from your Facebook account (you need to connect through Facebook) and provides a “visual archive of your social life.” Using its technology, The Museum of Me creates a virtual exhibit that displays the friends you’ve interacted with the most, words you’ve often used and a montage of the collection of friends and photos in your account.

It looks very realistic, has accompanying music, and even places little virtual visitors in your museum who are admiring your personal exhibit.

Personally, I’m wary of apps that have access to all my Facebook information, but if you have no problem sharing your online wares, The Museum of Me is a fun way to see your social media life unfold before your very eyes. -Jeana

Find the Facebook app, The Museum of Me, at Intel.

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