There is so much cool stuff being shared on social media sites, there’s no way any of us could ever keep up with it, especially if we want to do things like eat, play with the kids, or leave the house. But I’ve just stumbled upon a new site that pulls the best and most popular links from a whole slew of social media sites and tucks them away for me to see when it’s convenient. Now, if I could only pull myself away from it so I could eat, play with the kids, and leave the house. (heh)

rrrewind is sort of like a time machine or digital library where the most popular links from places like Twitter, Delicious, Flickr, Hulu and even Amazon can be found in chronological order, from most recent on back.

I love that along with the names of sites even my mom would recognize, there are more obscure but amazing spots like fffound, dribbble and imgur. I’m not kidding when I say I am in serious trouble of never doing laundry again if I don’t peel myself away from the easy-to-hit “Previous Day” button while scrolling their pages.

Before you start rushing to see what was popular on your birthday, realize that these archives only go back a year or two at most. And Hulu is slow to load, leaving lots of black boxes instead of a linked image which is too bad since I really wanted to see what shows were popular a couple of years ago. Hey things are moving so fast, there’s bound to be a bunch of cool stuff I missed. Christina

Check out what’s popular in social media today and in the recent past with rrrewind.