Sometimes, I dream of living in a big city. Not because of the amazing restaurants or beautiful sights or handy mass transit. All that’s great. But my dream is much more romantic and capricious.

I long to come across some quality yarn bombing. A statue in a crocheted bra. A pink and green striped tree branch. Anything will do, really.

But now, I can find guerrilla knitting on my very own cell phone.

Artist Magda Sayeg is the founder of knit graffiti crew Knitta Please, and her groundbreaking knitting is now available on iPhone covers. Not the actual knitting, mind you–that would just get caught on your zippers. But the printed images of her colorful yarn creations translate perfectly into 8 quirky and yet elegant designs when printed on the tough, polymer iPhone and iPod cases.

By the way, if you’re unfamiliar with guerrilla knitting, check out the Knitta Please blog for amazing photos of hand-knit yarn creations transforming urban environments into fascinating tableaux. Bus handles, bike racks, air ducts, and nearly anything that will hold still can go from ho-hum to ZOMG, IT’S A YARN RAINBOW. Worth a look for sure. –Delilah

Find Magda Sayeg iPhone and iPod cases at Uncommon.

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