As a self-proclaimed iPhoneographer, I use my iPhone 4 camera for everything. Even editing, which is a far cry from anything I used to do with a point and shoot. And since discovering this fantastic app, I’m able to turn my regular old photos into funky masterpieces with just a few slides of my finger.

ColorBlast! from East Coast Pixels is a super simple app that allows you to add blasts of color (get it?) to photos from your gallery, or ones you take through the app itself. I generally use photos I’ve already taken and then load them up in the app with a click, which turns them black and white. Then the fun begins: Pick a tool, like a paintbrush or spray can, to start adding color back into your photo, controlling it all with your finger. Use the smaller brush for the edges, and the sponge to carefully tweak your mistakes.

It does take a bit of practice, even with someone with small fingers like me, but a little patience (and the handy double tap feature which allows you to zoom in) definitely helps. If you’re a photoshop whiz, or someone who painstakingly edits your photos all the time, then you might want something a little more comprehensive. But for me and my amateur editing skills, I find this app works perfectly.

Once you’ve added color, you can play with the hue and exposure, turning a red outfit green (pictured), or by changing the black and white tones as well. Then save your masterpiece to your photo gallery or share it with your friends and family who will ask which fancy program you used to edit your photos. -Kristen

Grab the ColorBlast! app at, currently only $.99 for a limited time!

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