I have several iPhone speakers around my house, all of which either take up way too much space or require me to remove my case every time I need to use it. Well, since finding this amazing new gadget, I’m listening to my music through a tiny little box that packs a whole lot of punch–all completely without wires or cords.

The amazing Jawbone Jambox fits in the palm of my hand, but that’s about the only small thing about it. You simply connect it via Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad, and then listen to how fabulous your playlist sounds absolutely anywhere. We’re talking serious audio quality with amazing bass.

Even cooler, the Jambox lets you continue using your phone for calls and web surfing, even while the music is playing.

So far, I’ve used it in my kitchen with the Pandora app to give a little “umph” to dinner time meal prep, but it also works well if you’re watching movies on your iPad and want better sound. I also love how it can make conference calls such that you can actually understand what everyone  is saying. All without having to hold a phone up to your ear. -Kristen

You can purchase the Jawbone Jambox at the Jawbone online store.