If you’ve you were to put on the new CD from CMP favorite Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke, Hey Pepito!, you’d immediately be transported into what can best be described as three minutes of kindie power-punk—loud and full of British brash. But since it’s way too hot for any mini mosh pit right now, I say take a listen their happy little tune about a winged creature who overcomes her greatest fear by taking to the skies.

Mary the Fairy is a light, airy, banjo-strumming story about a little fairy who is afraid to fly. It’s a sweet story about wishing and longing to do something that seems so, so, so scary—I’m sure more than one preschooler, and maybe even their parents, can relate. I won’t give away the ending, but it’s a great story about patience and believing in yourself, a musical lesson I’m happy for my kids to hear over and over. Christina

Download a copy of Mary the Fairy from Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke’s new release Hey Pepito! from Little Monster Records or CD Baby.


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