My kids have wonderful grandparents in Florida, but they have one major flaw: None of them will make my life easier by joining Facebook or even using email to communicate. That means I have to make sure to send hand-written letters and take the time to actually print out photos of their grandchildren.

As far as flaws go, I know that this is not such a terrible thing, but I do love a new service that makes it so easy to stay connected to our non-connected loved ones — and it’s as easy as sending an email. Even if your recipient is computer-free.

The new Postcardly service turns an emailed note and photo into a full-color, two-sided postcard that will appear, a few days later, in your reciepient’s mailbox. Their real mailbox, that is.

Let’s say I want to send a dozen family members a photo of my kids at their dance recital: I’d attach the photo to a regular email from my computer or mobile phone, enter all the names of my family along with “”, then hit Send. My email would appear to my family as normal, but “Grammy” would get a full-color postcard, stamped and all, delivered to her home. Pretty neat, eh? The message on the card is typewritten which is a wee bit impersonal for a postcard, but not too many Grammys would mind.

Sending the first three postcards is free, and they have a few different monthly plans you can sign up for if you like it, which all come out to about $1 a card. So smart for travelers, since there’s no extra charge for international postage if you’re overseas. And, military families: this is a great way to send quick notes to someone you love who is stationed abroad.

One caveat — your message can’t be too long, which is something I struggle with as a verbose person. Also, while I appreciate that I am sent a proof of my card, I would like the chance to edit it if I notice something is misspelled or not to my liking. Since the site is still in beta, I expect to see some minor tweaks going forward. But I think my kids’ unwired, tech-phobic grandparents would agree that this is technology at its best, used for the best possible reason: sending them pictures of their grandchildren. –Christina

Sign up to Postcardly and get your first three postcards sent free. Also, see what a postcard would look like by sending an email with an attached picture to, no sign up required.