When my kids were little, I couldn’t wait to take them to see the fireworks on the Fourth of July. Unfortunately, they didn’t want to stay up that late, hated the booms and generally made it hard to relax and say my required “oooos” and “ahhhhs”.

If you plan to sit out the real thing again this year, or even if your kids can’t wait to claim their viewing spot, you’ve got to check out this app that will bring fireworks to your fingertips. Without burning them.

The iLoveFireworks app for the iPad or iPhone is such a simple concept with instant gratification — just touch the screen and a firework will explode as soon as you lift your finger. My kids immediately figured out that if they tap all over the screen, more fireworks, and if they hold their finger down for a few seconds, bigger fireworks. Add songs from your iTunes library and you’ve got a soundtrack to boot.

The fireworks look so clear on the iPad and the little “boom-boom-boom” sound is definitely toddler-friendly. I did have the screen freeze once which is a bummer and hopefully not a major bug; but I figure that, even with the inconvenience, the dollar I spent is way cheaper than the gas I’d spend to get to a real display. –Christina

The iLoveFireworks app is available on iTunes for the iPad or iPhone. A free version, with advertising, is available too.

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