When I heard about the launch of Spotify in the US today, I wasn’t sure it was for me; I’m pretty comfortable with all things tech, though I’m still admittedly old school when it comes to my music

I prefer CD’s to MP3’s, and haven’t jumped on the streaming-audio bandwagon for long. Honestly, I sometimes feel like I’m just destined to be the one soul left with CD jewel cases strewn all over the floor of her minivan.

And yet, this brand-new-to-the-U.S. music streaming service that has been all the rage of Europe, just may make me forget my luddite ways.

Whether or not you’ve been waiting for the U.S. launch of Spotify, I think it’s going to make a lot of parents happy. What makes it so cool is that you can choose from a gazillion songs to play on virtually any format from a PC, Mac, mobile device, to even a home audio system. Make playlists easily, search by genre, share your favorite songs on Facebook—It’s like being let loose in the hugest record store on the planet, but way easier on the legs.

I love that (unlike with Pandora), I can create my own personal playlists, then cache them so I can access them from anywhere, even without an internet connection. Even a friend’s computer—especially handy when their music selection is lame or if I really, really want them to hear my favorite new Cake tune right this minute.

Though the service can be free, if you’re a big music listener I’d skip the no-charge, advertising-supported model and go for a paid subscription (edited to add: Now $4.99 or $9.99/mo) to avoid those pesky ads. Plus the fee allows you to use Spotify for Mobile. I’d say, give the free one a whirl first, and see if you think it’s going to be more appropriate for you than Pandora or Rhapsody or whatever you use now.

Hey, even Demi Moore loves it. Her Twitter status update last summer: Spotify is the sh*t!Christina

Sign up today for an invite to the Spotify music-streaming service, now available in the U.S.

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