Last week on a business trip, I realized just how many gadgets I’m traveling with: iPad, phone, camera, laptop…wow. Fortunately, Energizer now makes a couple of handy chargers that do double duty when you’re on the go. Literally.

The Energizer dual USB car charger is so great–plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter, and you and the sigOth can both charge your cell phones at the same time. At least in our car, that will cut down on a significant number of debates. They make a single USB car charger, but eh, get the dual. Can’t hurt. You just might want to leave an extra cord in the car so you’ve always got one.

I also like the dual USB universal wall charger which turns a standard wall outlet into a charging station for my iPad and my phone all at once, without having to get my laptop in on the action. The blades fold down flat, so it’s extra convenient if you’re traveling.

Honestly this is so simple, I’m not sure why I never picked one up sooner. –Liz

Learn more about the Energizer dual USB chargers from Energizer, or buy online from our affiliate Amazon.