You can’t throw an iPhone without hitting a chic deal site these days — Gilt and Fab, anyone? Not that you would throw your iPhone, of course. But if you did, you might hit this super-fresh deal site just for ultra-hip iPhone cases.

IndieCases brings together artists and crowdsourcing to produce a limited edition, you-can’t-get-it-anywhere-else selection of iPhone cases each week. The cases themselves are smooth, slim, durable plastic, with deeply embedded wrap-around printing.

But the designs are the stand-out feature here. They’re utterly original, thoroughly exclusive, and in very limited quantities. You can even be part of the design selection process by joining their Tumblr blog. You’re simply never going to pull out your phone and see someone with the same case. And if you do… well, instant best friend!

How fresh are these graphics? Anchors Aweigh and Night Owl were designed last week. You can’t get ’em fresher and cooler than that, folks. –Delilah

Find a new selection of iPhone cases each week at IndieCases. Shipping is free worldwide.  

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