Picking out my favorite song from Caspar Babypants‘ brand-new CD, Sing Along!, is like asking me what my favorite donut is: They are all just so goooooood.

But, there is one song that I keep coming to over and over (and over) again, for its rapid-fire, silly and totally fun lyrics. I think this just might be my favorite donut in the box.

My Flea Has Dogs is a wonderfully wordy couple of minutes that speeds along, as light on its feet as a tiptoeing poodle. This social flea has “at least 99” dogs that he hops between, as Caspar Babypants wonders “sharpe shih tzu shiba inu/ whippet weimaraner two by two/how did this little flea get all these pups?” Try saying that three times fast. Or, if you’re like my kids, you’ll just listen to it three times in a row. -Christina

Download My Flea Has Dogs from Caspar Babypants’ Sing Along! at our affiliate Amazon.

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