For centuries, people have used lockets to store personal items from paintings to photographs to the hair of dead people (ew!). Now, thanks to a creative mix of art and technology, we’ve found a locket that can store about 800 photos. Or the entire Oxford English Dictionary.

Bonus? It’s gorgeous.

From the outside, it looks like a beautiful Victorian locket in 24k plated satin gold or black rhodium. But New York artist Emily Rothschild designed her unique USB Locket to hide a working 2GB flash drive.

USB Locket

Whether you want to keep photos, poetry, or last month’s spreadsheets close to your heart, you’ll look stylish doing it.

Her store is full of likewise beautiful, functional, and sometimes humorous jewelry, including a Medical Locket and a line of Medical ID bracelets and necklaces that make terms like “Bee Sting” and “Nut Allergy” look beautiful. -Delilah

Find the USB Locket and other treasures at the Emily Rothschild website.