Cushi padded sticker case for the iPhone
For a techie like me, and someone who appreciates fashion (yes, those two things go together), I am always on the lookout for a smart, stylish case for my iPhone. Like any good accessorizer, I like to switch up my iPhone 4 case every now and again and with back-to-school just around the corner (say it isn’t so!), I’m thinking it’s time to give my phone a new wardrobe. 

I came across a new case by id-America called the Cushi.
It’s a soft, padded sticker that you adhere to the back of your phone
to give it protection and a sweet look in one. It even comes with a protective screen for the
front and little circle sticker options for the home button. 

Find designs like stripes, dots, cityscapes and funky patterns that suit any taste. They’re
cheap enough at $11.99 that you can stock up so you’ve got a new look whenever the urge strikes.

What? Don’t our iPhones deserve new outfits each season too? -Jeana

Find the affordable, protective iPhone case online at Cushi.

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