With a ton of trips coming up, including the big BlogHer conference in San Diego this week, I feel like I’m losing my mind trying to keep it all organized. In fact, last night I had a brief panic attack as I tried to track down my airline confirmation, and not finding it, wondered had I booked the flight at all.

(I did. Phew.)

As if a gift from the technology gods, I received an invite to try Tripit at that very moment.

I can safely say this service is genius. You simply forward the service any confirmations you’ve received from airlines, restaurants, hotels. Really. Just hit “forward” and send to plans@tripit.com. Like magic, it auto imports your info into a convenient interactive travel itinerary complete with maps, directions, weather forecasts and more, then syncs with your calendar.

The Tripit Pro version ($49/year with a free trial) includes plenty of worthwhile benefits and helpful features, including free airline lounge access, and an optional social component, should you be traveling with a colleagues or family members and want to make your trip “public” to your group. In fact, I can imagine how great this would be if you got stuck coordinating the big holiday family reunion this year.

Big bonus: Tripit stores and tracks my airline points so finally (finally!) I can see what all my options are for free reward travel without logging into six websites.

tripit itinerary

The interface is clean and a cinch to use, and I love that I can manually upload restaurant plans, meetings and excursion reservations, or make use of handy travel tools like a map tracker or expense template.

But the best part may be the companion mobile app, that keeps it all synced when you’re actually en route. The notifications are handy, and you’ll also get auto-alerts should your flight be delayed, or even if you qualify for a fare rebate. In other words, this is one app that could easily end up paying for itself.

If only it would pay for those checked bag fees, too. –Liz

Tripit is free, but you can try Tripit Pro for free for 30 days. After that the upgrade is $49/year–worthwhile if you travel a lot. Also download the mobile app of TripIt for iPhone and Android, plus Blackberry and Windows Phone though with slightly lower ratings at this point.