Recently on a vacation, we found ourselves with an unfamiliar warning light pop up in our unfamiliar rental car. So when I saw this phone car diagnostic kit, I thought ooh, that’s something that could come in handy.

The Kiwi Bluetooth Android Phone Car Diagnostic Kit connects your Android phone to your car’s computer through that little port below the steering wheel. Download a car diagnostic app like Torque from Android Market and you get information like engine trouble codes,
fuel levels and fuel efficiency. You can even set an alarm for any given stat.

As long as your car was made after 1996, it should be compatible. It seems like it could inspire a lot of confidence, especially if you’re driving an older car. Or a rental. With warnings you don’t understand. Ahem. –Liz

Find the Kiwi Bluetooth Android Phone Car Diagnostic Kit, compatible with Android phones, online from Think Geek