So have you checked out GetGlue yet? Think FourSquare for entertainment. In other words, it allows you to check in on what you’re watching/reading/playing. So yeah, now you know where find a bunch of link-minded McDreamy worshippers to watch the Grey’s Anatomy premiere with you. Or me. Ahem.

While of course checking in can earn you virtual stickers, now there’s something even better you can earn. At least if you’re a shopper.

Entertainment Weekly has recently teamed up with GetGlue and Gap, and put together a dandy offer: if you’re checking in on these 15 Fall TV series, including Terra Nova, New Girl, Pan Am, and X Factor, each sticker you earn is worth 40% off at Gap.

To recap: Connect with people who like what you like, watch the shows you were planning to check out anyway, and save big where you already shop. Now that’s a technology win-win-win. -Mir

Download GetGlue for iOS or GetGlue for Android and start checking in and earning your discount. And psst…we’ve seen a pilot screening of Pan Am. We’re hoping it will be some good, campy fun.