My laptop cord frayed and died last week, and I was effectively dead in the water for four days. Naturally, the cord I ordered by next-day shipping did not arrive next day, and the guys at the big box store didn’t have what I needed either. I couldn’t work. I couldn’t tweet. It was hell.

If only I had known about Sugru, I could have fixed the darned thing myself — and in hot pink, no less.

Sugru was named for the Gaelic word for fun, and they’ve come up with an exciting product that’s not only very fun but also extremely useful. Sugru Hacking Putty is like play-doh that fixes things: jiggly or frayed cords, the corner of your smart phone, a teapot, the grips on your bike.

Simply roll the Sugru to warm it up, shape it however you want it, and let it cure for 24 hours. It’s made of silicone (in other words, don’t let the baby eat it), sticky like Super Glue, and comes in a variety of fun colors. And the ways it can be used for tech and regular household hacks are limitless.

The really exciting thing about Sugru is how, well, sciency it is. It can take cold and heat. It can survive sea water or rain or even the dishwasher. It sticks to everything, including aluminum and ceramic, yet it can be easily removed from even the daintiest tech equipment. And it’s flexible and soft, too. The makers of Sugru hope that using it for hacks will help reduce waste, since you don’t have to buy something new, you just fix what you already have. Simple, elegant, useful, and intuitive — and no wonder, since it was invented by a woman. –Delilah

Check out the Sugru website for more information, including instruction videos. Then buy some at Holstee or from the Sugru website.

[h/t unplggd]

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