It’s only been in the last year that I’ve come to understand the true organizational joy that is Google Calendar. But even with how much I use it, I realize that there are probably a bunch of other uses that could make me more productive.

So for this week’s “How You’re Using It” feature, I asked fans on Facebook and Twitter to share how you’re using Google Calendar. And wow, I’m so glad I asked.

– I use it to to schedule events but I add in the address of the event to the calendar so that come the time of the event, I just click on the event’s location and then have it give me driving instructions. –Keith

– I make color-coded calendars for big kids’ preschool stuff and the baby’s many doctor’s appointments. –LizinProgress

– I keep my husband’s calendar up-to-date so that he can’t pull the “I didn’t know about that” about our family calendar. I love that I can invite him to an event and have it show up on his iPhone. It’s like magic! –Kristen

– We have a shared calendar between 6 families that hang out together a lot. We all use it to plan group events or remember important dates in each others’ lives. –Dabni

– A college friend made me a half-marathon training program on Google Calendar that I can get  on my iPhone with an app so I can access it from anywhere. –MrsARodriguez

Tell us how you’re using Google Calendar.